"Hey, Weiner! Come talk to me!" and other epic first lines of epic romances.
Hi, would you like to help stop mercury pollution today?
"You're a Facebook whore."
Why don't you sit on my lap?
Ann Coulter is the Bride of the Anti-Christ. She is one of the most objectionable people the Right Wing has to offer.
I'm going to a party, but no, I can't take you with me. I have a boyfriend.
"Did you know that today is the one-year anniversary of Jonathan Brandis's death?"
Where (the hell) are you from?
I really want to kiss you, but I'm afraid you wont kiss me back!
This is Greg- he's eaten goat!
Got milk?
You have an accent. That's hot!
"Hey Stephen, haven't you always wanted to take a picture with me?
Hi, there--I'm a friend of one of the girls in the apartment.
I don't get sick much.
"That's a really good book."
"A pretty girl shouldn't have to ride the chairlift alone."
Hey, Weiner! Come talk to me!
Can't you just come on the floor and shuffle a little?