"Hey, Weiner! Come talk to me!" and other epic first lines of epic romances.

Ann Coulter is the Bride of the Anti-Christ. She is one of the most objectionable people the Right Wing has to offer.

I wrote it to Hank on JDate in response to a note on his profile that some girl had written to him saying he lived in Boston and must be a liberal and like and like Ann Coulter she hated all liberals. I wrote that I hoped he steered clear of that girl. He wrote back saying "Hi Sarah - I bet you're wondering how I know your name. Turns out he'd google stalked me for a few days nine months earlier after I'd posted on a Jill Sobule listserv we were both on that my first book CONFESSIONS OF A CLOSET CATHOLIC won the Sydney Taylor award. But I lived too far away. And it was kind of creepy that he was google stalking me. But then he recognized my picture on Jdate from my website and realized it was the same girl he'd Google Stalked and thought - Wow. This is MEANT TO BE. We've been happily dating for the last 4 years. And we owe it all to Ann Coulter. Which kind of sucks, doesn't it? ;-)

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